Torrent Taylor Rain


What do porn stars do when their lives in the adult movie business end? For others, a career in the adult trade has proven to be a conduit to sure despair. After an opportunity casting within the iconic 1972 adult movie “Behind the Green Door,” he found himself on the shores of Cannes and a cultural icon. It’s available for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes, and will be launched on VOD as well on March 28th. It is directed and produced by Bryce Wagoner (“After Porn Ends,” “Parrot Heads”), and produced by Michael Weiss, Andy Weiss, Billy Sorrentino, and Michael Tipps, with Cara Kidwell serving as co-producer. Georgina Spelvin She started as a Broadway dancer and actress. She eventually took an workplace job and retired along with her pension 20 years later in Hollywood.

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